Online Donations with ECommunity

Online Donations are now an integral part of fundraising for Charities and Non Profit Organisations.

thankQ Solutions has taken this one step further and developed ECommunity, a community portal that integrates online donations and sponsorship with the thankQ fundraising software.

ECommunity makes online donations and sponsorship easy. After registration, users can either participate in an event, create their own event, or sponsor a participant.

Supporter Participation

Your organisation can create a number of events that your supporters can then register for participation in. Depending on the event, supporters can either create teams or participate as individuals. Other supporters can then sponsor these participants online.

E.g. Cerebral Palsy Alliance's - 20/Twenty Challenge

Event Page

Supporter Created Events

ECommunity allows supporters to create their own web page so that friends, family and businesses can sponsor them online in the challenge of their choice. They can upload a profile picture and enter all the details of the their event or challenge. They can then email friends to sponsor them for the event.

E.g. Cambodia Housing - Build 10 houses in 5 days.

Online Sponsorship

Supporters can donate online or sponsor participants in one of your listed events. This not only makes it easier for supporters to donate, but the financial information is automatically entered into the thankQ fundraising software.

Donation Form



  • List of all online events which supporters can participate in or sponsor.
  • Online Event pages with all details for you event.
  • Clearly presented fundraising targets with progress automatically updated.
  • Users can create their own events with customisable web pages.
  • Supporters can easily sponsor participants online.
  • Leader board which shows individuals and teams with current amount raised.



  • Increases fundraising revenue by taking advantage of online streams of income.
  • Capture details of new supporters to your database for further fundraising opportunities.
  • Gives supporters a sense of achievement and involvement in your organisation's cause.
  • Encourages and develops a friendly sense of competitiveness and team work.
  • Easily maintain web events without the need for technical expertise.


My Challenge Website

The Cerebal Palsy Alliance currently uses ECommunity to run the My Challenge website used in our examples. The Cerebal Palsy Alliance provides essential support and services for children and adults with cerebral palsy (CP)


Your ECommunity

If you would like to discuss how ECommunity can benefit your organisation, please contact us.